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On October14 th and 15th the 2nd transnational meeting DUAL-T (Erasmus + 2014-1-ES01-KA202-004873) Project was held in Potsdam (Germany). It was coordinated by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations CEOE which aims to investigate and transfer all the good practices developed by dual training in the partner countries, common design methodologies and training contents extracted from these good practices project.

At that meeting, organized by the German project partner, the Handwerkskammer Potsdam partners have put together all the work done for the project being carried out in Spain, Germany, Italy and Romania on the formation Dual (Ru Europe -Rumanía-, ConsorzioIES y Cesvi- Italia- y LiberConsultores – Spain-).
We also have reviewed the various outreach project conducted by each of the partners.

Taking advantage of the stay in Potsdam, the hosts organized an interesting visit to the steel construction company METALLBAU Windeck (http://www.metalbau-windeck.de) entity that has an experience of over 100 years in dual training.

This entity combines experience and tradition with the introduction of the latest technology. Within the DNA of this company is the opportunity to welcome young people in their first job experience. The company offers quality training, and gives them a high qualification titles as well as also offering the possibility of staying on in the company.
Visits, like this one in which Dual-T visits companies that rely on dual training and see how students of various nationalities have adapted perfectly to computer system gives us momentum to continue this Erasmus + project.

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