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The Spanish representation of the Erasmus + Dual-t Project (CEOE and LIBER) was present at the Forum organized by the Alliance for FP DUAL and the Bertelsmann Foundation at the headquarters of the CEOE (Madrid) with agents involved in FP in general And in particular with those involved in the recent DUAL FP.

In general, we presented the DUAL FP and the situation in which it is in our country. The Princess Foundation of Girona correctly described the Dual FP as a “tailor made suit” because you can not fall into the error of implanting the German or Nordic model as such and we must study the context and the possibilities that this Learning mode in our country.

In the event we were able to work with the following objectives: to conduct a social and educational debate among those present, to present the results of the work of the Dual FP Alliance, to solve the misalignments that are encountered and to see Dual FP as a way of recovering Trainees and training schools.

There are speakers who exposed the Dual FP as an essential foundation for economic growth and as the way of working generational change in the economy and thus the survival of companies.

One of the problems that has been detected is access to Dual FP, companies and more specifically SMEs do not know how to access this program. To this end, the Bertelsmann Foundation has incorporated the technical advisor who comes to the companies to indicate the benefits of this program and how to implement it in the most appropriate way. They also mention as a tool to work with SMEs, through the “tractor effect”, meaning that it is the large companies that advise the medium and small business in this step. Lastly, mention should be made of funding through national and European funds for programs seeking to implement FP DUAL, for example the European Erasmus + Program. We also have the bodies that promote training such as the European Learning Alliance, the European Youth Pact, the Youth Guarantee and the framework norms of qualifications, tutors and mentors.

Key to implement the Dual FP as recommended by the representative of the PF of Girona and the professor of the University of Zurich is how to adjust the Dual FP to the conditions of each country. And the teacher said that in all the systems that work FPDUAL use the same tool, COLABORATIVE WORK.

That collaborative work is already being done in Spain and a sample was seen in this event where it was recorded that the social, business and educational agents are already working on the design and implementation of the training program. And the investment in the FP is key and so it surprised the example that gave the German Ambassador of the investment that makes the German State and its German companies to this system.

An interesting contribution that was made is the reminder that companies have already been working for FP for 20 years, and that what they are now doing is to turn FP into the “swan” of the training world. So the degree of VET must be socially and formally recognized, and it must be a source of prestige for the country, as it already happens in countries like Sweden (Professor Dar Philipp Gonon gave a master class of his education system), Austria and Germany, last case presented by the German ambassador to Spain.

The teacher mentioned some of the disadvantages of the Dual FP or the system that surrounds it:

  • The pressure exerted by production and that avoids deepening.
  • Lack of coordination between the different agents involved.
  • Excess of information for some professions and lack of information for others.
  • And the lack of content that companies have for their training.

He also warned that dual FP in SERVICES has not been consolidated.

He explains that there are three ways to implement DUAL FP, the one used by France assuming all costs, that of England that the intervention of the State is marginal and the German that it is to create the framework conditions for its implementation.

Presentation of the working groups:

  • The Dual FP Alliance is offered as an information channel for any DUAL FP project. They report that the results of the first Dual FP study in Spain are already published.
  • The table of the FP Legal Framework informs that they are working on the final document of proposals for legal framework of dual FP, which includes the new contract and how to deal with fellows’ contributions.
  • At the table of new degrees has been worked: the adaptation of the content to these new degrees, and that means activating what is missing and turning off what is left over in educational programs. It reiterates the need to train company tutors. At this table you can collaborate by sending good practices.
  • Bureau of educational institutions and institutions: they set out the many barriers to dual vocational training: curricula, programs, resources and access to schools and vice versa. They mention that there are 5 different dual FP models in Spain.

To conclude the Dual-t Project we are enthusiastic about events such as this because of the high participation that exists and the interest shown by the different agents. Interesting synergies are created for our Project and for Dual FP in general. Everything we hear and say is serving for a deeper work that we intend to report to our partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project.

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