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The Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain, CEOE, founded in 1977, is the organization which represents and defends the interests of Spanish employers.

It voluntarily groups together almost 2 million companies and self-employed entrepreneurs of all sizes and from all sectors of activity, through base associations networked within 147 sectorial and territorial organizations.

We act as economic and social partner to the Government, the Public Administrations, the trade unions, the political parties and the international institutions. We lobby in Europe (through our delegation in Brussels) to create favourable conditions to promote the internationalization of business.

ConsorzioIES Inclusione Europa Sviluppo is a National Consortium of social cooperatives, Social enterprises and training centers.

The Consortium is a second level social cooperative, e.g. according to the statutory law, a group of social cooperatives willing to put together all necessary resources to foster the social cooperatives enhancement by means of networking strategies and provision of tailor cut services. Founded in November 2011, the Consortium has its legal seat in Bolzano and operational seats in Verona and Padova.

Service provision to associated members: Market development and uptake: networking and synergies with businesses, not for profit organizations, public bodies and local authorities for innovative products/services generating social innovation and increasing market penetration. Project designing and management: support in reserved tenders for social cooperatives; support in project designing and managing and in the partner search at the local, national and European level; support in organizing B2B events; Training and Counseling: organization of seminars and courses aiming at improving the entrepreneurial performance of the enterprises; planning and managing of re-training courses for social workers (subject matters: work integration of disadvantages persons; social responsible tourism; innovation and quality in service provision…).

In carrying out the activities, the Consortium profits from both the solid expertise of each associated social enterprise and the high qualified internal staff, with experience in project management at the local, national and European level.

The Consortium has been involved, as partner, in several EU funded projects, in the framework of programs such as: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in VET and Higher Education and Sport Action; Youth in Action; Civil Society Turkey. And it collaborates with EU Based networks and organizations such as Diesis and Reves.

Center for the Development and Innovation of Enterprises cooperative society, is a newly founded (2014) small enterprise with its main operational seat in the Venice area (Mestre).

Ce.Sv.I. was set up by a group of professionals with the aim of providing valuable servicest to enterprises. It relies on the expertise of highly qualified staff with senior experience in the

field of assistance to businesses and to public bodies, in the designing and managing of innovative projects.

Namely local and regional cooperation development initiatives at the different levels: National and international.

The Chamber of Crafts Potsdam is stakeholder and lobbyist of 17,534 enterprises and ca. 61.000 employees. It supports its member enterprises through offering consulting for vocational training, further education, legal questions, debt collection etc. As a non-governmental agency the Chamber is independent of the state.

The Training Centre Götz in its function as vocational and further educational training centre offers about 30 workshops for 416 apprentices per week. The main trades are electrician, car mechanic, engineer in the fields of heating /ventilation/ air conditioning and refrigeration, painter/varnisher, hairdresser, cosmetician and office clerk. The focus the Chamber and especially the Centre Götz is specialized in is energy issue. Next to Centre the so called “Praxishaus” enables craftsmen to learn and train under real condition in a single family house. The house is used for seminars, training courses, the initial vocational training etc.

In the training centre in Götz they offer several training courses (vocational training and further education) concerning the construction sector, like plumbing-heating- air conditioning, electrician, metal-worker, carpenter and painter. The cross-cutting issue Energy Management includes reconstruction and build in inventories.

Since its creation in 1997, carries out a continued professional activity at a national level with diverse organisations that have placed their trust in them.

Our entrepreneurial project started out in order to satisfy the training needs of companies and workers using the best resources available, human as well as technological, with the objective of offering the optimum solution to the new working demands of society.

Liberconsultores is an entrepreneurial group that offers a service characterised by specialisation as well as diversification through liberformacion, campusliber and liberconsultoria in keeping with demands in current market.

They do guarantee our clients Comprehensive Solutions of Learning based on our 10 year experience and 80.000 trained students.

It is a company founded in 2008, with a primary objective good established at the outset: Professional Training. In recent years, training has come to occupy an important place in the labor market situated in a changing.

In the European context and national Ru-Europe meets the needs of both economic operators and employees. European legislation provides a solid training and training in this field employees and unemployed persons, but this is expensive for the target audience.

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